DXG Self Defense Reviews

  • Joseph S. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    Sean is really cool and very knowledgeable. Awesome atmosphere and the training is excellent. I've never trained in MMA at all and Sean has been very patient and very, very cool with me about it. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn or expand their knowledge.

    Joseph S.
  • Shana W. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    Where do I even begin! Sean and Nile are amazing owners of DXG Self Defense and I always feel so welcome when I walk into their place. Their customer service and the environment is on point.

    Shana W.
  • Windy K. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    DXG Is a state of the art facility! The instructors create such a positive atmosphere. This is not a gym, but a place where expertise is taught. Designed with precision DXG is focused on the individual and their goals they are seeking to achieve. Whether MMA, DXG Self Defense, Kickboxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts, Strength Conditioning, JKD, Wing Chun, or Pilates I highly recommend this place. ~ Windy Karigianes

    Windy K.
  • Rafael R. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    At the time of this review, I haven't participated in a class. But from what I saw and talking with some of the people, there are lots of aspects of this place that I'm excited to do/try. But ik when I do get to try them, I'll love every minute of it. From basic boxing, and wrestling, jujitsu, and karate, to Kali sticks and battle chains and wing chun posts.

    Rafael R.
  • Terry D. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    The next evolution in mixed martial arts. The facility has everything you need to nurture the warrior within.

    Terry D.
  • Anthony W. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    Top-of-the-line best instructors family environment

    Anthony W.
  • Allie P. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    I love this place, home of the Lingerie Fighting Championships! � thanks for the hospitality

    Allie P.
  • Zeke H. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    DXG is an amazing facility! Tons of mat space, huge cage and a friendly environment! Knowledgeable instructors and excellent curriculum!

    Zeke H.
  • Bryan C., DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    I'm a practitioner at DXG!! The school offers the most highest levels of Wing/ Chung--J.K.D.-- Jiu/Jitsu -- Roufusport Kickboxing .. Tradional Boxing .. Etc.. Etc.. The instructors there are very friendly!! And I feel like family when I'm there!! Get off the couch people!! And be a part of DXG Las Vegas!!!!

    Bryan C.
  • Eddie R. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    Sean Nile and the crew are the real deal they train hard and will teach you a high skill level of combat training .

    Eddie R.
  • Sherina I., DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    DXG is an amazing place to learn and grow! Sean and Nile are excellent instructors that cater to all skill levels.

    Sherina I.
  • Dru D. , DXG Self Defense  Testimonials

    If you want to be more than just a fighter, but, a true martial artist. This is your place. From hand to hand combat to weapons fighting

    Dru D.

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