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DXG Martial Arts And Fitness

Welcome to DXG Martial Arts And Fitness, where we're serving Las Vegas with individualized instruction and professional martial arts training. Our system is lead by Sean Hackett, a professional personal trainer and industry leader in fitness training. We offer small group sessions of 1-4 people that allow you to work hand-in-hand with our dedicated coaches and customize every aspect of your workouts. From cutting-edge Jiu Jitsu classes to high-energy fitness and pilates training, we have something for everyone. Come see us today and take on better self-defense training and effective strength-building strategies. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started.

Head Instructor Sean Hackett's Credentials:
- Brown Belt Chinese Kickboxing Intl./Jun Fan Jeet Kune DO
- Brown Belt Combat Escrima
- Purple Belt No Gi Jiu Jitsu
- Purple Belt Roufusport Kickboxing
- Art of the Blade Certified World Kali Association
- Double Stick Certified Certified World Kali Association
- Kali 4 Kids Certified World Kali Association
- Law Enforcment Defensive Tactics Instructor

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Sean is really cool and very knowledgeable. Awesome atmosphere and the training is excellent. I've never trained in MMA at all and Sean has been very patient and very, very cool with me about it. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn or expand their knowledge.

DXG Martial Arts And Fitness Joseph S.

Joseph S.

Where do I even begin! Sean and Nile are amazing owners of DXG Self Defense and I always feel so welcome when I walk into their place. Their customer service and the environment is on point.

DXG Martial Arts And Fitness Shana W.

Shana W.

DXG Is a state of the art facility! The instructors create such a positive atmosphere. This is not a gym, but a place where expertise is taught. Designed with precision DXG is focused on the individual and their goals they are seeking to achieve. Whether MMA, DXG Self Defense, Kickboxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts, Strength Conditioning, JKD, Wing Chun, or Pilates I highly recommend this place. ~ Windy Karigianes

DXG Martial Arts And Fitness Windy K.

Windy K.

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